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10 Sep

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management: Guest Blog Post

We are so pleased that we made a decision to partner with Root Cause’s Social Innovation Forum this year, and since engaging with their team, we have entered into a unique and meaningful partnership well beyond what we had envisioned.

Root Cause is an organization that aligns closely with our values and mission. Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management has a strong record of creating and managing socially progressive investments focused on making an impact, while the Social Innovation Forum is instrumental in helping social entrepreneurs whose business innovations combine social impact and financial sustainability. We hoped this partnership would allow us to activate the Reynders, McVeigh staff to use their time and skills to increase social impact and be a part of the early stage growth of organizations deeply invested in social change

After just one year, this partnership has exceeded our expectations. We have become an active participant and partner in the Social Impact Market that the Social Innovation Forum has built to support innovative nonprofits and social enterprises in Greater Boston. This social impact market is made up of business leaders, philanthropists, foundation leaders, and interested community members who care deeply about Greater Boston’s most vulnerable residents. This community directs their resources (funding, time, expertise, in-kind support, etc.) towards organizations committed to change and they show that commitment by providing strong performance metrics as evidence of their quality work. Through our creative partnership with the Social Innovation Forum, Reynders, McVeigh employees were able to take advantage of the many opportunities to engage with each of the 2014 Social Innovators and Impact Entrepreneurs, to learn about pressing social problems, and to provide support for these organizations. Some of that support included helping an entrepreneur refine their pitch or supporting a nonprofit leader in talking through a distinct leadership challenge.

Our entire team was inspired by this year’s innovators and entrepreneurs. We were honored to be able award one of the 11 groups with a $5,000 prize. We were impressed by the work, business plans and long-term goals presented by all social innovators and entrepreneurs at the forums, and together as a team, we decided to honor a small business that best aligned with the values and mission of Reynders, McVeigh.

Our firm selected Janji as the recipient of the first Reynders, McVeigh Social Innovation Prize. Janji is a socially responsible company making waves both nationally and internationally, as their nation-inspired running apparel helps to address the severe need for clean water in various countries worldwide. Janji encourages runners to truly “run for another” whether exercising, training, or racing.

We also chose to financially support the Social Innovation Forum for their deep work vetting and growing the most promising nonprofits and social enterprises in our community and making it easy for funders and investors to find and support these groups. Through our relationship with the Social Innovation Forum, we have gained so much knowledge about local organizations and have had an opportunity to learn from and network with other philanthropists and impact investors. We are delighted to offer our support to those making a positive impact.

It’s no secret that New England has become a hub for innovative and socially responsible businesses. We are proud to be a part of “the solution.” As we eagerly await next year’s selections and presentations, we encourage all our local social entrepreneurs to keep on moving forward.

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