The Root Cause Blog
07 May

Social Innovator Q&A: Tish Scolnik, Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT)

Written by Zeina Fayyaz, Accelerator Manager, Institute for Black Male Achievement

One of our 2013 Impact Entrepreneurs, Tish Scolnik of Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT), took the time to answer a few questions leading up to the 2013 Social Innovator Showcase!

Tish and GRIT were recently part of our Impact Investing Forum. After making a five minute pitch, Tish and GRIT were selected by popular vote at the Forum to present at the 2013 Showcase Thursday, May 9! You can see GRIT present their innovation to a large audience at the Showcase!

1) What aspect of your program/organization's work makes you most proud and why?

I'm incredibly proud of the impact we are able to have on the lives of individuals in developing countries. Seeing people using our wheelchair and actively participating in their communities, going to school, and gaining employment has been very fulfilling.

2) By the end of your Social Innovation Forum engagement, how do you expect your program/organization to have changed or developed?

We're refining our vision and creating an executable plan to make it happen. We've learned a lot about the growing field of impact investing and expect to have a much better understanding of how we can appeal to this new type of investor.

3) What aspect of the upcoming Social Innovator Showcase most excites you?

Connecting with people who want to learn more about what we do, and may be able to help make it