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26 May

How Root Cause Helps Nonprofit Leaders Get Smarter

I am often humbled by the amazing nonprofit leaders with whom I have the opportunity to work as a senior consultant at Root Cause. Our Peer Performance Exchange team recently completed organizational health and program quality assessments for 12 nonprofits across the country. For the past couple of months we've been debriefing the results of the assessments with each organization. I'm often blown away by what these leaders are saying about how our work together is opening their eyes to new ways of thinking, helping them see a challenges that they weren't aware of, and offering solutions that they hadn't thought of. Below are some snippets of a handful of conversations that made me extra proud of the work that we do at Root Case. 
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15 May

Insights from two years of assessing nonprofit organizational health and program quality

Ever wonder how your organization (or grantees) stacks up against similar organizations in the field? Root Cause’s organizational health and program quality assessments have helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders get smarter about how they run their organizations and how they tell their stories externally. Ultimately these assessments help leaders improve their results and raise more money. 
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23 Jul

Insights from Assessments of 15 College Access and Success Organizations

We are pleased to share Root Cause's first "Report for Funders" on the Peer Performance Exchange (the Exchange), which highlights the results from our assessment of the 15 College Access and Persistence programs we analyzed between September 2013 and January 2014. This report summarizes key strengths about this cohort at an organizational and programmatic level, and includes opportunities for investment. (Click here to view the full report.) 
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