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18 Nov

What do Turkeys have to do with Positive Youth Development?

What do turkeys have to do with positive youth development? Check out the picture to the right - doesn't it look remarkably like the kind of turkeys that kids all over America are bringing home from school this week?

This Career Pathways "Turkey" was developed by the Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative as a framework to help funders understand what high-quality career pathways programs look like. I think there are elements of this framework that are useful to all youth serving programs, not just those focused on careers as a path to violence prevention. Below are short descriptions of these elements. I encourage you to take a look at the full report and other resources from the Collaborative here.

  • Organizations using the positive youth development approach recognize that young people need support, guidance, and opportunities during adolescence to develop self-assurance in four key areas: competence, usefulness, belonging, and power.
  • Organizations using trauma informed practices recognize that many youth are dealing with or have dealt with traumatic experiences. By adhering to trauma informed practices, these organizations help young people manage their stress in ways that are productive and keeps stress manageable.
  • Organizations that foster long lasting relationships between young people and adults recognize that young people can get support, guidance and access to opportunities through a long-term relationships with older, caring, more experienced adults. These relationships help young people pursue a positive path.
  • Organizations that also support the families of their youth, recognize that by linking families to appropriate referrals and helping them advocate for themselves to agencies and organizations that address their needs can help families and youth improve their physical, emotional, and financial stability.

Thank you all for your commitment to the young people of you serve.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.