Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

How does an organization that has historically relied on one key funder adapt its strategy in order to diversify its funding sources?


CHHCS specializes in researching and advancing effective school-connected programs, policies, and systems, using the school location as a place-based solution for improving children’s overall health and school success. While the organization has been successful and highly respected in its field, it has largely depended upon grant funding from one primary funder. Like many other organizations concerned about long-term financial sustainability, CHHCS sought to build a business model that would lead to diversified funding streams.

Project Overview

First, Root Cause worked with CHHCS leadership to define the organization’s key revenue sources for funding based on clearly articulating its customers, services, and content expertise. After helping the organization articulate its unique value proposition for each of these markets, consultants created a concise marketing document that provides an overview of CHHCS, its areas of expertise, services, and successes.

With CHHCS’s target markets defined, Root Cause built a list of prospective funders along with an action plan that lays out the key steps to developing relationships with these prospects. Root Cause also developed a financial model that maps out CHHCS’s projected revenue and expenses.

Root Cause is currently supporting CHHCS on its strategy as it works through the action plan and begins cultivating relationships with prospective funders. Our consultants are also working with CHHCS to develop and share thought leadership content with the organization’s target markets via publications, webinars, seminars, etc., in order to build its longer-term recognition and brand.


As a result of Root Cause’s engagement, CHHCS now has a clear path and tools to attract new funders as well as a list of key prospects. The process helped guide CHHCS leadership to think about their organization, services, and strategy in a new way. The organization is now well positioned to pursue new revenue streams to support its long-term sustainability.

Relevant expertise and smart problem solving tools.
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Build a Sustainable Business Model

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