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How can an organization successfully replicate while maintaining program quality and ensuring financial sustainability?


Since 1963, SEO has provided education and career services to youth from underserved communities. After developing a new program model in the early 2000s with proven results in New York City, SEO began exploring the idea of expansion to additional cities to extend its impact, and wanted to develop a growth plan to guide this process. SEO sought to understand the staffing, partnership, and organizational changes that would be needed to grow, along with the accompanying expenses. SEO also wanted to explore how to go about fundraising in individual cities in order to support this growth.

Project Overview

With support from the Edwin Gould Foundation, Root Cause worked with SEO leadership to develop a financially sustainable growth plan. After helping SEO define criteria for selection of the optimal cities for expansion, our consultants researched 15 potential cities and evaluated the need for the program as well as the base of local philanthropic support available, and recommended the top cities to SEO. Consultants then developed a summary document, presentation, and process to engage potential partners, investors, and other stakeholders in the organization’s plan. Consultants also worked with SEO leadership to create a step-by-step action plan and interactive financial model.

In order to lay the foundation for the growth strategy, Root Cause facilitated a two-day retreat for SEO’s Board of Directors, which included fundraising training as well as recommendations for changes in board practices to align with the needs of the growth plan.


With a comprehensive growth plan and business model in place, SEO successfully replicated to San Francisco and expanded their New York-based program. SEO also revamped its local boards to maximize fundraising.

Relevant expertise and smart problem solving tools.
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