About Root Cause

Get Involved

Root Cause provides multiple opportunities for you to get involved with our community. You are able to utilize your skill sets to help a nonprofit grow and meet well-connected, interesting, smart people who are all working to solve today’s toughest social problems.

Attend Events

Root Cause hosts a wide range of events that bring together a diverse community of people who are passionate and talented from nonprofits, foundations, investing, academics, and government. At our events, you can:

  • become a mini-expert on a specific social issue and learn about emerging trends
  • learn about how the most effective nonprofits do their work
  • network with people and groups inside and outside of your professional sphere
  • meet and invest in well-vetted, investment-ready nonprofits and businesses

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Utilize Your Skills

You have great skills and experience. Let us connect you with local nonprofits that are eager to tap into your expertise. We’re always looking for seasoned volunteers from all sectors of the business world to lend their talents as presentation advisors; executive coaches; marketing, legal, public relations, and technology consultants; and much more. You choose how much time you can spare, and we’ll find a way to leverage your talents.


Our donors and investors are individuals and organizations that want their money to move the needle on social change—solving the social problems that society has struggled with for decades and often longer. We offer a variety of ways to invest, and at many different levels. Funding Root Cause and/or our clients enables you to delve deeply into a social issue, fund innovative, well-vetted nonprofits and businesses, and gain access to a learning community focused on strategic philanthropy.

For more information on any of these ways to Get Involved, contact us at