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"Our organization feels like it's a blessing to be a part of the Peer Performance Exchange" - Diane Gray, Executive Director, Bayview Association for Youth

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"Thanks to the Exchange, we now have a powerful tool to showcase our key program strengths to a variety of audiences." - AiLun Ku, Chief Program Officer, The Opportunity Network

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Demonstrate and deepen your impact! Join the Peer Performance Exchange today.

Peer Performance Exchange

Peer Performance Exchange Overview

Are you trying to improve the quality of your program? Are you looking for ways to demonstrate your impact to funders?

By providing a rigorous third-party assessment, a tailored action plan for improvement, and continuous support over a two-year period, the Peer Performance Exchange helps nonprofit members deepen and demonstrate their impact, and ultimately, improve life outcomes for the populations they serve. Participating in the Exchange provides members with validation of their commitment to higher performance, which they can publicize to their key audiences and leverage with funders, to meet the increased demand for third-party assessments.

We understand that your resources are limited. The Exchange streamlines members’ capacity building efforts by helping them focus on the most critical areas, and gives them the resources they need as they strive to higher performance. 

What You Receive

Nonprofits begin their membership in the Peer Performance Exchange by receiving an in-depth analysis of program quality and organizational health. The analysis is based on almost 500 standardized best practices, which allows members to understand how they are performing relative to their peers in the field and best practices. Based on the analysis, members receive an Independent Program Analysis Report and a Transparency Report

  • The Independent Program Analysis Report is an internal report that highlights strengths and identifies the areas where Root Cause analysts recommend you take action for improvement. It will help you understand and use best practices to strengthen your program and organization.
  • The Transparency Report is a summary report designed for external use and can be used to support fundraising efforts. 

Why You Should Join

After the analysis is complete, members can chose the type of support they would like to receive. We provide tailored, one-on-one support to each of our members to help them address the areas that need the most improvement. We know that every organization is unique in its structure and needs, so we meet you where you are, and support you from there.

We will work with you to develop an action plan for improvement and check in with you quarterly to make sure you’re on track. Our resources to support you include:

  • An extensive network of peer and expert connections
  • Learning opportunities through events and trainings
  • Access to our Resource Hub, an online database containing research, issue reports, and self-help guides
  • Connections to capacity-building funders and service providers
Root Cause also helps members demonstrate their impact and commitment to high performance to potential funders and other key audiences by:

  • Distributing your information to well-known donor platforms such as Charity Navigator and Guidestar, as well as publicizing it through our own extensive network of funders
  • Providing you with a Seal to use on your website and other publicity materials of your choice that identifies you as a member of the Exchange
  • Sharing aggregate data about members’ performance in our annual Funders’ Report. Members can choose to share their organizations’ name in this report or keep it anonymous

How Can The Peer Performance Exchange Help Your Program? 

Currently, the Exchange serves college access, college persistence, and youth career development programs. To learn more about the Exchange and fees, please contact Colette Stanzler at 617.649.1538 or email You may also contact Colette if you are a funder, and would like more information on supporting your grantees (both potential and current members in the Exchange).