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Funder Symposium

Execute your strategy and position your organization as a community leader.

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Shawn Dove
Open Society Foundation

Root Cause ensures that the vision of your foundation is in sync with other key stakeholders in the field to move complex initiatives forward.

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Mayor Michael Nutter

Share expertise and knowledge, identify funding gaps, and align efforts for greater social impact.

Partnership Initiatives


Root Cause partners with foundations to manage all aspects of their major initiatives. From developing the plan to managing the initiative, we ensure that the vision of the foundation is in sync with other key stakeholders to move complex initiatives forward.

We manage initiatives with a focus on action and results while we regularly assess lessons to adjust course along the way.

Root Cause:

  • performs every aspect of project management, with consistent monitoring of timelines
  • engages multiple stakeholders at every level of an organization, from mayors to executive directors to program officers
  • schedules, manages, and facilitates meetings and calls as well as focuses on notes with action steps
  • measures and reports on progress with a focus on learning and continuous improvement
  • identifies, establishes, and nurtures partnerships
  • leverages our extensive network of contacts within the government, nonprofit, foundation, and corporate worlds to connect stakeholders in an initiative with the people and organizations they need to know