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Assess Organizations and Demonstrate Results

Your organization has great success stories but how can you demonstrate them with data? How do your efforts compare with best practices in the field?

Root Cause assessments examine how your program or organization is currently performing and how you can increase your sustainability and impact. We explore the dimensions most critical to your success, including strategy, leadership, team and governance, financial sustainability, infrastructure, and measurement. Then we analyze these in the context of best practices in the field. As a result, you’ll be better able to identify strengths, focus on opportunities to improve, and communicate priorities to your stakeholders.

Root Cause offers special expertise in developing rigorous performance measurement systems you can use over the long-term. Measuring and tracking key indicators of organizational and programmatic effectiveness empowers nonprofits and foundations to adjust their models based on a continuous learning process. Our partners hone their capacity to make strategic and programmatic decisions based on data and evidence, not assumption or anecdote, so they can do more to improve lives by continuously improving all aspects of their work.

Why Root Cause

The Root Cause team builds on its pragmatic experience from running nonprofit organizations and its deep understanding of the social sector garnered through independent research on social issues and nonprofit program performance. We provide our partner organizations with the actionable information they need to make strategic decisions and produce greater results. Our consultants help our partners understand their target social issue and the approaches that have demonstrated the best results to date. Root Cause then analyzes program and organization performance to provide action-oriented recommendations on how to improve performance and pursue sustainability and growth.


Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.


Youth Career Development

This report includes an overview of the social issue, an investment recommendation, information on the return on investment, and ways to take further action. READ MORE

Root Cause recognizes that assessments are most effective when they produce actionable steps to improve performance based on best practices within the field. If you want to learn more about program or organizational assessments, fill out the form below.

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