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Build a Sustainable Business Model

Unable to predict your revenue sources and consequently your annual revenue, you feel like you are constantly living hand to mouth without any concrete plan to guide you in building a sustainable business model.

Build a Sustainable Business Model

A sustainable business model must be grounded in a thorough understanding of revenue markets and what portion of that market a nonprofit can reasonably expect to secure on a consistent basis. Root Cause consultants exhaustively research funding sources as well as earned income potential in an organization’s social issue sector to help clients build sustainable business models based on reality, not aspiration.

Why Root Cause

Root Cause understands that for-profit business planning models need to be adapted to the realities of the nonprofit sector, where the client who receives the service is distinct from the customer who pays for the service. For over 10 years, Root Cause has worked with nonprofit clients to develop plans that rigorously examine current and potential revenue markets to ensure that financial models are based on more than ambition.

“Root Cause prepared us to feel a level of confidence and comfort in articulating our work to key stakeholders. Through effective coaching and technical support Root Cause has helped us develop practical finance strategies, clear and concise marketing products, and a communications approach that have improved our success with funders, partners, and clients.”-Olga Price, Director, Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.

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