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Coordinate Action

You want to achieve comprehensive change through collaboration. Convening key stakeholders is a start. Coordinating their efforts can be a challenge.

Root Cause partners with foundations, government, school systems, and nonprofits to create conditions that enable more individuals and families to move along a pathway from healthy birth to quality education to a well-paying job.Together, diverse stakeholders can create a continuum of improvements in people’s lives. Each can add its expertise to the whole, addressing a critical milestone or need.

However, coordinating these partners and focusing their shared goals can be complex. Different service providers have different funding streams, use different systems of management and measurement, work at different scales, or envision different ways to work and collaborate. This is where Root Cause comes in: Root Cause serves as a network manager for coordinating service projects, leading groups of key stakeholders so that service providers can deliver coordinated, efficient, and effective services toward unified outcomes.



Why Root Cause

Root Cause is well versed in managing efforts for coordinated action. We have experience balancing and integrating the interests of varied stakeholders—in business, philanthropy, government agencies—and engaging the voices of those whom a program will serve. From building consensus to ensuring efficient, effective service delivery, we help all work together to achieve unified outcomes.

Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.
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Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Root Cause helped a national foundation with a well-established grantmaking program develop a new idea and incorporate input and buy-in from numerous and diverse stakeholders. READ MORE

Issue Area: Education and Youth Development, Economic Empowerment
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Help Me Grow

Root Cause helped the original site of a multi-state initiative transform itself into a national center and develop a plan for national reach and impact. READ MORE

Issue Area: Health and Well-being

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