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Develop a Strategic Business Plan

You have been surviving from day to day and month to month, but feel ill-equipped to respond to challenges and opportunities. You want a clear, actionable roadmap for the future that will guide you in making strategic decisions and lead to greater sustainability and impact.

Develop a Strategic Business Plan

Root Cause develops business plans that set strategy and articulate a path to implementation that is specific, measurable, and attainable. Our consultants provide clients with a rigorous assessment of their cost of doing business and an analysis of how external forces may help or hinder their ability to have an impact. Our team works with clients to develop a theory of change, financial models based on a realistic assessment of revenue markets, and a detailed implementation plan with clear roles for staff and volunteers to ensure success.

Why Root Cause

Over the past decade, Root Cause has worked collaboratively with dozens of clients to develop business plans to help them achieve their visions for social impact. Our consultants specialize in working with clients to develop rigorous, action-oriented business plans focused on accelerating growth and building a foundation for financial sustainability. Root Cause measures success based on whether our clients use the plan and, when relevant, raise resources to implement the plan. Clients have raised over $30 million dollars based on Root Cause’s unique planning methodology that can be found in our book, Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact.

"The critical concepts that evolved through this planning process are of ongoing relevance and continue to inform and guide our work today. Root Cause has been more than a consultant—rather a partner in our evolving strategies to design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate our innovation. Root Cause’s encouragement and support has been instrumental in enabling our capacity to move beyond grant support to sustain our efforts through a new model of membership fees and fee-for-service technical consultation." —Dr. Paul Dworkin, Founder, Help Me Grow; Executive Vice-President, Community Child Health Director, Office for Community Child Health, Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.
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Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Root Cause helped a national foundation with a well-established grantmaking program develop a new idea and incorporate input and buy-in from numerous and diverse stakeholders. READ MORE

Issue Area: Education and Youth Development, Economic Empowerment
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Help Me Grow

Root Cause helped the original site of a multi-state initiative transform itself into a national center and develop a plan for national reach and impact. READ MORE

Issue Area: Health and Well-being

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