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Improve Grantmaking

How can you achieve even more with your grantmaking? Develop a strategy for greater impact that incorporates assessment, implementation, and evaluation.

Root Cause works with foundations and donors to build and enhance their grantmaking strategy. We help organizations define philanthropic success more clearly and then build a framework to measure progress toward that vision.

As a funder, you may want to hone your mission and priorities, identifying issues or places where you can have the greatest impact. Or you may need a thoughtful, rigorous way to identify and assess potential grantees, analyze their impact, and understand what kind of durable change they have created. Our approach uses data and evidence to analyze and strengthen grantmaking in all these situations, and we can draw on our experience working with national grantmakers across focus areas such as early childhood education, economic security, and youth development.



Why Root Cause

Harnessing our core strengths in social issue research and strategy consulting, Root Cause has worked with dozens of foundations and donors to research, design, and implement multi-dimensional, results-oriented grantmaking approaches. National and local foundations, family foundations, community foundations, and funder collaboratives have partnered with us. We help them maximize their impact so they can strategically investing in their grantees’ programs, continuously measure results, and strengthen their grantmaking strategies. We have also honed a research methodology that allows us to conduct comparative analyses of program quality and performance so funders can make better strategic funding decisions.


Our foundation sought to provide a select group of grantees with an assessment of their respective organizations and programs so as to build capacity for the long term. Root Cause helped the organizations gain various perspectives as well as consider workable options toward that goal.Anne Marie Boursiquot King, Director of Grants and Operations, Tufts Health Plan Foundation
Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.
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Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Root Cause helped this foundation effectively expand its support to grantees to include capacity building in order to drive improved outcomes. READ MORE

Issue Area: Health and Well-being

To move the needle on social issues, grantmakers must leverage their resources to make strategic investments in nonprofit partners that result in measurable impact in an issue area. If you are looking to improve your grantmaking to maximize your philanthropic impact, fill out the form below.

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