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Facilitate and Manage Complex Projects

You envision a substantial program with nuanced, durable results. Let’s make it happen.

Change can be complicated. When you’re working at large scale, in multiple locations, at multiple touchpoints in people’s lives, or with a network of partners, it can be hard to make sure all the parts fit into a cohesive whole—and achieve your broader goals. That’s where Root Cause comes in.

Root Cause partners with foundations, government, school systems, and nonprofits to enact complex projects to improve lives across a city, county, or region. Our work has included supporting a cohort of nonprofits working on economic opportunity, a foundation’s commitment to decreasing youth violence, and a multi-sector early childhood education initiative.

We provide facilitation, strategic planning, project management, and implementation support. We can help you establish clear goals and build strategies to achieve them. Then we can ensure that the strategy gets executed and the project moves forward aligned with your vision, even if that means building grantee capacity and coordinating action among multiple stakeholders. Whenever possible, we prefer to engage individuals and families in the full project that will affect their lives, including their perspectives and voices in planning, implementing, and measuring the work.


Why Root Cause

Root Cause partners with leading foundations to design and facilitate complex local and national initiatives. We bring together key stakeholders to improve the lives of individuals and families across a range of social issues.


Beyond theory, see Root Cause in action.
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Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative

Root Cause helped an early stage collaborative better define its strategic direction, solidify its structure, and determine how best to engage its members. READ MORE

Issue Area: Education and Youth Development
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Open Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Root Cause helped a national foundation with a well-established grantmaking program develop a new idea and incorporate input and buy-in from numerous and diverse stakeholders. READ MORE

Issue Area: Education and Youth Development, Economic Empowerment

Root Cause understands that facilitating and managing complex projects requires a well-planned process. If you would like to learn more about how Root Cause can facilitate and manage your complex project, fill out the form below.

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