About Root Cause

Core Beliefs

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations and funding streams committed to social progress; in order to accelerate their performance we need:

  • Forward-thinking leaders in philanthropy, business, nonprofit, and government to have the skills and organizational capacity to continuously assess and improve
  • Information on social issues and the performance of organizations working on social issues need to be readily available to help funders and practitioners make informed decisions towards quantifiable improvement in social issues
  • Strategic collaboration between government, philanthropy, nonprofits, and business to maximize resources and spread solutions .

Our Values

  • Focus above all else on the social problem being addressed, regardless of organizational structure (government, for-profit, nonprofit), ego, or political agenda.
  • Take a rigorous, thoughtful, and creative approach to work that integrates a broad range of perspectives.
  • Strive to integrate practice, applied research, and public policy.
  • Take an entrepreneurial, goal-oriented approach to work, with a commitment to integrity, diversity in all forms, and learning by listening, acting, and ongoing self-improvement.
  • Collaborate with new and existing systems, institutions, and infrastructures in order to provide all types of organizations with access to the information, capital, and tools they need to develop enduring solutions to social problems.