About Root Cause

What sets Root Cause apart?

  Pragmatism: We integrate an approach we call Action While Planning™into every engagement. This helps you avoid “analysis paralysis” by testing what works as the plan unfolds and honing the plan along the way.

  Efficiency: We keep projects cost-effective, putting high performance within reach for organizations of all sizes.  

  Opportunity to work directly with senior staff and with our responsive, energetic teams: Our team-based model gives you the expertise and conceptual skillsets typically found in management consulting firms in the context of seasoned, hands-on nonprofit and business experience.

  Insight into which data and evidence will drive high performance—and which won’t: We deeply believe that using data and evidence to drive strategy will improve your organizational and programmatic performance. In our experience, you can often do more by focusing on less. The Root Cause performance measurement framework enables foundations and nonprofits to identify and target the data and evidence that will bring the most practical insights—and the most reliable results.

  Flexibility and collaboration: Your organizational culture is integral to your work. Flexibility is integral to ours. At Root Cause, we adapt to each collaboration, engaging well with staff and board, because we know that if a solution doesn’t work for your culture, it doesn’t work at all.

  Capacity to implement: We stick with our clients, coaching and working side-by-side to get you to your goals. We understand how to create flexible solutions that will actually work for you, and we welcome the opportunity to help you bring them to fruition. 

  Funding counsel: We guide nonprofits in presenting their planning work to funders to generate resources to underwrite it. We help both grantmakers and grantees leverage the planning process to build relationships and engage together in the questions raised, decisions made, and lessons learned, in pursuit of a shared vision.

  Trust and partnership: We’re a nonprofit, too. We are mission-driven to improve the life outcomes of marginalized populations, so strengthening your results is as vitally important to us as it is to you.