Youth Violence Prevention


The Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative is a network of private funders, public funders, content experts, and key stakeholders formed with a mission to share knowledge, identify funding gaps and promote dialogue to help funders strategically align their efforts to increase their impact on youth violence in Boston. Click here to read more about the YVP Funder Collaborative.

For a list of upcoming events, click here.

Core operations of the YVP Funder Collaborative are funded by the State Street Foundation, The Boston Foundation, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley, BNY Mellon, and the Trefler Foundation.

Since 2010, Root Cause has provided core operations support for the YVP Collaborative network. This includes structured facilitation and project management to ensure that all meetings focus on the overall strategy of the Collaborative while supporting individual learning and action. Root Cause also provides strategic support to sustaining leaders, members, and partners, helping the Collaborative build partnerships with key initiatives and institutions across the city. To learn more about project management, facilitation, and strategic support services with Root Cause, contact Elizabeth Leberman at